La Plume Noire Photography


The Silhouette project was inspired by Ralph Eugene Meatyard. This was a project I did at college, using a 35mm film camera. The main theme was movement. It was shot at my dormitory with my friend being the model.



  1. Warm, airy and mysterious, yet sill it has lots of colour to it. I think natural light has that ability to apply a facsimile of colour to black and white. We can see it in mind’s eye, even though its not there.

    I too, thought I would miss the darkroom, but I don’t really or I did but over time I got over it. I will tell you what I do miss. I miss my pin-hole camera, I stepped on along time ago. I need to make another.

    Came here by way of the Dark Globe.

    • Thank you very much Hudson. What I don’t miss is the chemicals! I stank of chemicals for two years too!

      I too would love to experiment more with a pin-hole camera. I think I only managed to try it once.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. I think #1 is the pick by far. The difference, in my opinion, are the lines and the way the subject has enough light on her to give definition but not enough to take away the mystery. Very surreal. The only thing I would have done differently is move the clutter off the desk.

    I like the mood of #4 as well.

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