La Plume Noire Photography

My Inkstand

My solid wooden Ikea desk is my favourite workplace. Not only is it spacious, but it holds my beloved Edwardian oak inkstand. It’s also great to hold your favourite fountain pens and inks. I believe that every desk should own one!

Fountain Pens: Cross Affinity Crimson & Sailor 1911m Demonstrator

Ink: Cross Black Ink, PearTreePen ink sample: J. Herbin and Diamine



  1. midaevalmaiden

    Your pen set up is lovely. Everything within reach and so elegant on the rich wood desk. Your love of pens is not strange to me. Although I prefer the ko-i-noor pen to draw with.

    Once I spent 4 days sitting under an overpass drawing a landscape in the winter time (snow). I endured the cold so I could capture every detail in ink.

    Later I took it home and was finishing it up using a goose feather quill I had made myself, and an open well of ink. It was a masterpeice! But I was wearing big fuzzy bear paw slippers and my drawing was on the floor. Yeah, guesse what happened? I spilled the ink well all over it.

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