La Plume Noire Photography

Land of the Pharaohs

We sail along the past, and see
Great Thebes with Karnak at her knee.
To Isis and Osiris rise
The prayers and smoke of sacrifice.
‘Mid rites of priests and pomp of kings
Again the seated Memnon sings.
We watch the palms along the shore,
And dream of what is here no more.

Along the Nile by Henry Abbey

Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt. From the curse of Tutankhamun to the ancient hieroglyphics, Egypt is part of history that I fell in love with. So I was literally thrilled when my parents booked a Christmas holiday to Egypt back in 2006.

The best way to see Egypt is by cruise. Of course you cannot see all the artifacts and monuments, but you get to see the main attractions; in this case: the pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Karnak and the Cairo Museum.

If you have never been to Egypt, then I suggest you should go as soon as possible (just not now, due to the riots and protests). You never know how long the monuments and temples will remain standing. I heard in the news recently that they are closing down Tutankhamun’s tomb, because the walls are flaking and mould is beginning to grow in certain places. Definitely not a good sign. Therefore, your next holiday destination, I suggest you visit Egypt!



  1. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the beauty that exist in our surroundings but the pictures you’ve taken captured endless beauty!

    If only we can just lay for a moment on the grass and watch the clouds glide on the mellow blue skies.

    Thank you.

    Wonderful pictures btw.

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