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The Kindle 3 Review

I love books; the smell and feel of a new book is heaven to me. In fact, I could even live in a bookstore or library for the rest of my life – If God would let me!

When the Kindle  first came out into this world, I disliked it straight away. I thought to myself, why would anyone want to replace books? After many years of ignoring the Kindle, I finally gave in; not to replace my library of books, but for the convenience of travel! Yes, I travel a lot! Without my books, I become somewhat grumpy. So I guess to have a collections of book on one device is a lot easier to carry whilst travelling.

After using the Kindle 3 for about a month, I can now give my readers an extended review!

  • One of the best things about the Kindle is that people would not know what you’re reading. Whereas, when you’re out in public reading a novel, people are always curious about what book your reading. In fact, I’m the one that is curious! Indeed, humans are curious by nature.
  • No more embarrassing trips to the teenage/kids section at the bookstore. I’m sure it’s only me and my mind thinking this, but being Asian living in England, I always assume that people are convinced that I’m a foreigner or tourist that does not understand English. Hence, a trip to the teenage/kids section would make it seem worse! Yes, It is rather silly and dumb of me to think this way, but now I can buy directly from the kindle store.
  • The battery life is rather good. According to Amazon, the kindle can last up to one month without using WiFi/3G. I’m sure we all hate charging. I always have to charge my mobile twice a week. So it is excellent that the Kindle can last this long.
  • You can read anywhere, even in the sun without any glare (the only exception to night reading). So I can now safely say: This is not an iPad! Yay! I am a non-believer of the iPad. I do not believe in this iPad craziness. My iPod Touch is just fine – perfectly sized that fits in my pocket!
  • You can also increase, (or as I would like to) decrease  the font size. When it comes to books, I am rather fussy. I prefer smaller sized text. So the fact that you can decrease the font size is a great addition to the Kindle. Very much appreciated Amazon!
  • There is also an audio function. You can listen to all your audiobooks and even play your mp3 music whilst reading! However, this feature needs to be improved!
  • When comparing book prices, the Kindle ebooks are cheaper. The Kindle store even includes free classic ebooks. So you can download books from Jane Austen to Dickens free of charge. As a fan of reading classics, this really puts a big smile on my face!

  • The Kindle does not feature a colour-screen. So pictures will appear black and white. This may affect some people who likes to read comics.
  • Technology can freeze! This only happened to me once. The Kindle screen just froze! But a restart or reset sorted out the problem. I’ve also heard that you can contact customer services if a more serious problem arises. Amazon can even exchange your Kindle, if your device stops working.
  • The Kindle is not a touchscreen, since most readers are. However, the Kindle does have a 5-way controller. At times, it is rather slow and tedious to get around. But it works nonetheless.
  • Another major step back is the lighting on the Kindle. The Kindle does not have a built-in backlight. So reading in the dark is impossible without a light source. You can buy clip-on lights for Kindle in stores. Or you could just buy the Kindle Lighted Case; which comes with a light source that drains directly from your device battery.
  • The back of the Kindle device attracts fingerprints! The one thing I hate about technology devices is that they are fingerprint magnet. Luckily, you can buy Kindle skins online. I got mine from GelaSkins. There are many designs to choose from to make your Kindle device more unique.
  • Last but not least (and the obvious), the Kindle is not a book! There are times where I just miss the thickness and touch of a book. I guess these days, you can buy cases that looks and opens like a book; but it is just not the same!

Would I recommend the Kindle 3? Most definitely! If you love to read and travel, but hate to carry heavy books around; then I would suggest you buy the Kindle. You can store as many books as you like on the device, as ebooks take very little storage space. Plus, Amazon has already provided 3GB. It’s a shame they don’t offer an SD Card slot. However, purchased ebooks are all stored onto your Amazon account. So you can still delete and re-download your ebooks any time. I look forward to the Kindle 4!

I love my Kindle and I have already recommended it to my friends. I still read normal books when I’m back at home. And I of course still visit bookstores regularly. In fact, I am thinking of registering for the prestiges London Library.

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  1. semyl

    Great review! If I had more time to read, I would most definitely consider buying this. But you’re saying the Kindle doesn’t have any kind of light on its screen? That would be annoying! I’d love something where it could be switched on and off. Maybe in the next version.

    And most of my favourite non-ministry books are found in the Teen section 😉

  2. Woman

    ohhhh so THAT is what a “kindle” is!!! I’d been curious about them!!!! Glad I followed you from the Forums! Excellent review!!!

  3. This was a really awesome review! I love how you took the time to point out the good and bad of it!

    I’m actually really interested in it now. Like you said above, i could live in a book store so it’s not as if it wouldn’t be used nearly every day. However, I think things such as the black and white screen put me off, as well as that dependency on technology. I use the computer and tv so much that sometimes it’s just nice to not look at a screen!

    However, you’ve provided some food for thought so I’m definitely going to look into this! Thanks!

    • Thank you! I know what you mean though, we are very much dependent on technology. I use too much of the computer these days! If only the entire world went into a shut down :). It would cause utter chaos, but I’m sure us humans will learn a few things.

  4. Stewie

    There are already competing ebook readers that have colour screens. I will buy an ebook reader soon enough, but it will have WIFi and colour, so Amazon need to release a new version to be in with a chance of my cash!

  5. Wow, this was an awesome review. I’d even go so far to say I might consider the idea of buying one thirty years from now when I can no longer carry several books with me while I travel! But I’m too in love with books. Nothing could ever replace them in my heart or in my hand.

    BUT! This is still an excellent review. I’m glad I found your blog!

    P.S. I promise I’m not trying to promote mine on here, but I did sort of write a post about digital readers. Rather different opinion than yours though, so be prepared 😉

  6. The kindle has always interested me, but I couldnt get used to it not being a touch screen. Haha its just me but I would have to have a touch screen.

    BTW im really diggin your blog. Its pretty sweet.

  7. I wanted to but one of these for a while, but I have too many books in my reading list that I already own. Perhaps after I’ve finished them, I’d but one.
    Ooo, I hate Apple so much, I’d never get an iPad ><

    But let me ask you this: how long does it take to switch the page? The last time I checked it, it took a long time. Is it immediate now?

    • It’s definitely immediate now. The page turns quickly. The Kindle is very useful. No more heavy books on holidays now. I too have a long reading list of books that I already own. Then again I do like a full shelf of books.

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