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British Columbia: Forever Free

Without further ado, I shall start my journey blogging across Canada. First stop, the beautiful British Columbia. I landed in Vancouver during the morning with a great need to sleep. Jet lag is an interesting affair. Did you know that the person who invented the standard time zone was Canadian? Indeed, jet lag has a recovery rate of one day per time zone crossed [1]. No time to rest on this adventure though. First off, it was time to do a bit of sailing. A typical sailing on a ferry, that is. Yes, I am on my way to explore the city named Victoria, situated on Vancouver Island. It is rather weird that the Canadians celebrate Queen Victoria more than the United Kingdom. In fact, I may have just missed Victoria Day in Canada, whilst I was out there.

The journey to Vancouver Island was somewhat peaceful. The sea was calm, the sky was blue and the sun was even shining amongst the blue. (A poet I am not). In my eyes, I recalled a perfect photography moment.

An hour and a half later, I arrived on Vancouver Island. One of the first aspects I noticed, is that it is rather similar to England. In a way that it probably has the same amount of pollen and more. Most likely, the hay fever came back that day to annoy me. I shall start with the facts that I required about Vancouver Island. The Island is almost the same size in length as Ireland, with a population of 748,937 (2009). This includes the city of Victoria (named after Queen Victoria) with a population of 367,572. Compared with the population of Ireland, there is definitely more space on Vancouver Island.

A visit to Victoria will eventually bring you to see the famous Butchart Gardens. 55 acres of 700 varieties of flowers and plants – simply beautiful. What amazes me is that it started out as a family established garden. Thus eventually opening the garden to visitors. Up to one million people visit the garden every year. And what a garden it is!

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  1. Mostly when I see beautiful pictures I download them. With these gorgeous pictures, I will show no such disrespect. Will keep coming back to this page again and again to give my eyes a treat. Thank you for this post 🙂

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