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Let me retrace your steps back to Vancouver. I previously mentioned to you about my journey on Vancouver Island, but never Vancouver itself. As an accomplished tourist, there are many places that I would recommend. Here are just a few:

One of the places, which I recommend you should spend your time exploring is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Built in 1889, the 450 foot long bridge stretches 230 feet above the Capilano River. Not for the faint-hearted, but it is perfectly safe. Naturally though, the bridge does sway and bounce considerably. It is just like being on a child’s bouncy castle. As a lover of heights, I would have loved the chance to run and jump across the bridge; but a man with a microphone did not appear to be amused.

Upon reaching the other side, the park expands into a rich woodland area. If you have achieved the bridge walk, then there is a lot more for you to discover. Perhaps Treetops Adventure may acquire your taste for more heights. As stated, the Treetops Adventure offers a ‘squirrel’s eye view of a thriving coastal forest. If you have ever wanted to build a treehouse, then maybe this will broaden your imagination.

As a somewhat science fiction nerd, I can undoubtedly imagine myself as an Ewok, living amongst my fellow inhabitants and fighting off evil. Indeed, I am talking about Star Wars itself. I mean the location and surroundings is perfect.

The park itself has definitely increased my new-found fondness for trees. Yes, there are plenty of trees back home in England; but not as impressive as Canada. My, what big trees you have!

Further on up the road, you will eventually arrive at the Skyride station. A large cable car ride, which takes you to the summit of Grouse Mountain. On a clear day the views are magnificent; stretching views of Vancouver city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by a cloudy white sky. The ground was covered in a thick layer of snow and ice, and the temperature had fallen to at least 10 degrees lower. At 4000 feet high, Grouse Mountain is a perfect winter ski resort.

As the snow had hardly melted, there was little to do. However, I did get the chance to see my first grizzly bear. I promise to you now, there are many more wild bear sightings to come; but for now I get to see my first bear, in captivity, that is. Growing up, I have never liked zoos. I am sure the animals are properly and well-cared for, but there is always a sadness in their eyes. The eyes tell you everything. Do not get me started on the Natural History Museum. It is practically a graveyard for animals.



  1. Wow! So I happy I found your post on the forum from last night! I love the name of your blog! Very picturesque! You take beautiful photos! I love photography too! Just subscribed to your blog…I think we have a lot of similar interests! Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you very much for your comment! Good to know that there are other photographers out there. You have an amazing collection of photographs yourself. Love the flowers.

      Best of luck to you too!

  2. I have never been on the suspension bridge but I know Grouse Mountain from years ago. All of your phots are lovely but the last photo in this lot is stunning.

  3. Hi, found your blog on WordPress Forums, “Let’s find people with similar interests”, and I am enjoying your blog! I picked this post to comment because you really captured the sad feeling I also experience at a zoo. I like the design of your site, and your photography – I will be bookmarking your blog!

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