La Plume Noire Photography

In the Heart of the Majestic Rockies

The grandeur of the rockies
with its high majestic peaks.
It’s one thats used so often
in which many a writer speaks.
Bernard Howe

From Banff, we steadily made our journey by road to Jasper. A peaceful and tranquil journey through the heart of the majestic Rockies. I shall now try to paint you a picture. Imagine a road. Along this road, beyond the ever-growing forest, lies soaring mountains to the left and right. Indeed, you can use the photographs below as a guide.

It is therefore a rich habitat for wildlife spotting, from bald eagles to squirrels that look like chipmunks (perhaps they were chipmunks). But I have never encountered a black squirrel before until I stepped onto Canadian soil. There are many interesting species in Canada; none more so than the grizzly bear. As I have promised you earlier, I spotted many bears along the journey. Fact: did you know that bears love dandelions? Anyhow, most of the bear shots were photographed inside the safety of a car. As much as I would have loved to step out of the car, my mother would have none of it. Although, I do believe that part of it was due to insurance. As a result of my excitement, a lot of those photographs were blurry; but I did manage to get a few clear shots.

I am not keen on wildlife photography. You need patience, due to the fact that the object is subjected to frequent movement. Nonetheless, my favourite wildlife shot was taken up in the hills at Old Fort Point, Jasper. During my time up there, I spotted a herd of bighorn sheep. They really are beautiful creatures, famous for their curved horns. I was lucky to get a close-up shot of a couple of them.

Similar to Banff, the town of Jasper is a small community; although not as beautiful and charming as Banff. However, there are many activities for you to spend your time doing. One of the activities you can always enjoy is hiking. A brief stop at the local tourist information centre, and you will obtain several large trail maps. All you need now is your hiking gear and a few snacks. Ultimately, just beware of the bears. If you are hiking alone, either purchase a bear bell or continuously talk to yourself. Either way, it could save your life.



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