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Kindle Case Review: Tuff-Luv Saddleback Leather

As I take a brief break from my travel writings on Canada, I shall now do a product review on a Kindle case, courtesy of GearZap. This is by no means an advertisement; think of it as a useful product review.

During the week, I was contacted by GearZap to write a review on one of their Kindle cases they were selling. I was able to choose from a range of Kindle cases and Kindle covers, offered freely by GearZap. Consequently, I chose the Tuff-Luv Saddleback Leather case. I hereby thank GearZap for the product and the extremely quick delivery. I greatly recommend GearZap if you are looking for Kindle or laptop accessories.

The dusty and rugged trail awaits!
Every scar on this genuine leather surface tells a tale; a map to travels past, with a rugged readiness to embark on new adventures.
Wherever the wind may blow, our Saddleback cases stand steadfast. Take along this seasoned travel companion for your next journey.
Essential gear that fits in with any western motif.

My first impressions of the Kindle case was the quality of the leather. Tuff-luv has managed to create a fine leather finish, and indeed, it smells just as good. Appearance wise, the colour of the case is an olive-brown, which I like; but it would have looked better if it was a darker and richer brown.

One of the design aspects that I love about the case, is the ability to stand up the device. That’s right, you can eat your entire lunch without having to hold your Kindle. The stand is magnetic, which tightly fastens to the back.

The Kindle itself fits easily into the case, even with the extra Gelaskin in place. You physically have to push the Kindle out, in order to remove it from the case. It is then fastened securely with a Velcro strap.

Due to the fact that the material is leather, it is very easy for the case to get scratched. You can easily damage it, even by using your fingernails. However, in time, this could add to the rustic leather look. Although, I do suggest you do not keep any sharp objects close to the case.

The case does add some weight to the Kindle; but overall, it weighs the same as an average decent-sized book. Thus, in some ways it is a beneficial factor. Although, it doesn’t replace a book, it gives the Kindle a book-like feel to its readers.

Due to the quality of the leather, the Kindle case does come with a hefty price tag. At £32.99, it is not the cheapest cover you can buy. Although not as expensive as the Amazon Lighted Cover (RRP £50.99), the Tuff-luv saddleback is durable and will last for quite sometime.

In conclusion, the Tuff-luv saddleback leather case is a good quality case for the Kindle 3. If you are looking for a luxury leather case for your Kindle, then I would definitely recommend it to start with. Not only is it durable, but it offers an integrated stand. Thus, as Tuff-luv states, you can “eat your breakfast, slip a coffee…whilst reading hands free!” Regardless of the costly price, this product is perfect for your everyday use of the Kindle.

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