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Do Not Tumble Dry: The New Addition

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I present to you: Miss Lulu Rosa Blanche. The new additional member to my family.

We are a pet-loving family. Undoubtedly, we are one of those annoying neighbours that own chickens, which wakes you up at the first sight of dawn. As a result, we’ve had our fair share of complaints in the past. If it wasn’t the chickens, it would’ve been Jake the family parrot singing out of tune in Chinese (my mother’s teaching). How do we normally resolve the complaints? We buy or breed more chickens of course. Don’t worry, it’s usually the new neighbours that complain. Don’t you love country life?

The new addition to our family is a Silkie breed. A breed of chicken, which was given to us by a family friend. The reason for naming her Lulu? This is the second pet we have named Lulu. The first pet was a rescued duck, that eventually flew away. By no means at all was it named after the famous singer. Besides, I think the name Lulu suits her. If it wasn’t called Lulu, it would’ve been called Lola or even Luna. I do not know why I had the sudden urge for the letter ‘L’.

Lula has been living with us for at least two weeks now. Thus, she already has her own personality. One thing is for sure, she certainly stand out from the crowd. As a result, she likes her own space and does things her own way. In fact, there might be a small level of poshness within this hen. Without a doubt, Miss Lulu Rosa Blanche fits perfectly within our family.



  1. Lulu is gorgeous and Silkies are so amiable. They are so calm and easy to handle. We were into several breeds of Bantams before we decided to move away from farming. Fabulous photos!

    • Some great questions there! Lulu is always working on her look. She wants to look more like this guy. I haven’t seen Lulu bumping into her peers as of yet. Perhaps she has some sort of sixth sense. Then again, if you look that good, who needs eyes ;).

      Interesting article. Isn’t it animal cruelty to do these kind of projects at school. Do they still dissect frogs in High School?

  2. “This guy”… Silkie Chicken! HOW CAN HE SEE? That is so funny. I want a farm, always have, ever since I was a kid. You said Lulu has a personality and that is what I keep hearing, that chickens have personalities.

    I hope the link I gave didn’t feel offensive to anyone reading your blog. I thought you might like it… Is it animal cruelty –technically, no. Technically, “animal cruelty” has no legal bearing on farm animals. So people can be as cruel as they want to farm animals and get away with it, legally. You find this all the time in the news. “Animal cruelty,” from a legal standpoint, is limited to certain animals, like dogs and cats, etc. From an ethical standpoint, it’s hard to answer your question because everyone’s ethics are different. For me, the answer that makes the most sense is the one that lines up with all the others. IE: It doesn’t make sense to dissect a frog or kill a chicken because whatever positives someone might come up with, there are several negatives for each “positive” that far outweigh the equation. That formula isn’t true with Nature. In Nature, everything lines up, everything is synchronistic, everything is in harmony. To me, that tells me when I’m right or wrong.

    • I have no idea how “This guy” can see. But i’m sure he can smell when food comes. All animals have personalities. Wait until you own chickens, you’ll see. My dad says that even fishes have personalities too. I’m still working on that one though.

      ooh it’s interesting that animal cruelty doesn’t affect farm animals. I guess in some ways it makes sense. We’re the ones that are eating them. It’s still a thin line though

  3. “All animals have personalities.”
    –Now we’re friends for life.

    “My dad says that even fishes have personalities too.”
    –He must have watched Jacque Cousteau. If I ever get a fish, I’m going to name him Jacque!

    “ooh it’s interesting that animal cruelty doesn’t affect farm animals.”
    –The definition varies from state-to-state but it does not include farm animals. And actually, legally, people can abuse dogs/cats/rabbits/monkeys, etc. if they are associated with a university or lab, in the name of “research.” When we are asked for money for a health cause, that money often goes to universities to fund animal experimentations. Current technology has no use for it.

  4. Val

    That is one gorgeous chicken! I’m also wondering where her eyes are but I’m sure she’s not handicapped (or rather, clawicapped) by it! 🙂

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog.

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