La Plume Noire Photography

A Collection of Inspiration

As a photographer, I love collecting photographic and artistic prints and postcards. In fact, I am certain it has become an addiction. A visit to a gallery must always end in going to the gift shop. In the past, I have also tried visiting the gift shop without stepping foot in the gallery. Indeed, it is an addiction. An addiction so severe, that I have managed to pass it on to my fellow peers. Now there is a group of us that would enjoy spending the day collecting postcards and prints. Please tell me this is normal?

Why do I collect? I guess it’s for self-inspiration. Although I am a nature and landscape photographer, there is a part of me that has always wished I could shoot portraiture. Perhaps in the future. One day, I would love to have my own darkroom and be able to learn how to shoot in a photography studio.

As a result, several readers and bloggers wanted to see my postcard collection for certain inspiration. This is an incomplete collection, taken from London galleries, visiting countries, online purchase and the odd gifts.



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