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As stated from my previous post: A Collection of Inspiration, I have a sentimental fondness for collecting portraiture postcards and prints. As well as the fact that I would love to begin shooting more portrait shots in the future. After rummaging through my collection of summer photographs, I have indeed found a few portraiture shots of my friends, which I would love to share with you.You needn’t to worry, I have gained their full permission. All I ask of you now, is some feedback.



  1. Let me begin by saying, these are some very nice photos. Not being a Photographer myself, is it safe to say that Portrait Photo’s don’t always have the subject looking directly at the Camera? Like I say, I’m not a Photographer, but I do love Film, and pursued Film Making for 2 or 3 years a while back. In the Short Film I did, I designed all the Shots, but every now and then My Brother would take the Video Camera from me and add Accent Shots. He was in my opinion, in Addition to being a Natural Actor, and Exceptional Cinematographer. Not fully understanding the True Definition of a Portrait Shot, I looked it up a bit before I replied. One of the things someone said is to take like 50 Shots of the Subject in hopes that one of them will Capture their Essence. Something you succeeded at with all of these shots by the way. They also said that the best Portrait Photographers actually care about their Subjects, and aren’t just making a Job out of taking the Shots. Well, it is completely apparent that you care about your Subject in these shots. Which for me leaves the Artistry, meaning, what do I see when I look at these shots. The first two are very cute photo’s, they remind me of a little Fish Shack Restaurant I’ve been to on occasion. And ironically, though like I say, I’m not a Photographer, I did take several pictures there with my Phone, because of the unique location. But not with people in them. The third shot is very nice as well. As gorgeous as the 5th Shot is, I think I’d have to say the 4th shot caught more of the subjects Essence than any of the others. Looking at her, she looks to be a Very Free Spirit… That said, she looks to be very comfortable with Movement. Perhaps many many shots of her just moving about would lead to a Photo like that, or something even more Extraordinary. The first two look fairly Casual, the Third though Pretty, looks like she may be aware of you taking the shot. The Fourth looks like “A Moment” that you caught on Film. And with the Fifth, first of all her Environment is Exceptional, and her pose looks friendly. But, I think you could have done something more in regards to her. The First Image that came to mind, was of her instead of looking at the Camera, instead holding a flower in her hand (‘s), and looking down at it. Now, this is just what came to my mind. But I suspect taking many many many shots of her in that Patch of Flowers, allowing her to do whatever felt natural, might have come up with something Exceptional. You asked for Opinions which is the only reason I’m giving so much Feedback, I hope that’s alright. They are all very nice Photo’s. But looking at the Cards in your Collection, I would imagine many of them took a lot of time, but perhaps in some cases like you 4th Shot, they were just a Captured Moment.


    • Woah! Many thanks for the critique! These photographs were more snapshots, so they have less photographic composition.

      You are correct, when saying it “take like 50 Shots of the Subject in hopes that one of them will Capture their Essence”. This happens a lot with my landscape/nature shots. It takes many shots to find the one you call “perfect”.

      I will pass this on to my “models” as well. Thank you again for your wonderful feedback. You wrote 524 words! It’s a record for the comment box. 🙂

  2. midaevalmaiden

    That last shot is stunning. With her standing in this scene it makes the scene more than just a landcape. and I liked the clode up of the second one.

  3. These are all lovely portraits. You have been able to capture the character of your friends very nicely. The colours are intense and clear, and I like the way the highlights are burned out (except for the last picture where the highlights aren’t burned out). Although most comments go in favour of the last picture – which I think has a beautiful palette – my favourite is still the second last. There is something about the way you have capture the moment that makes it stand out for me.

    • Many thanks munchow for your critique. It’s good to hear feedback from a professional photographer. You have captured some amazing photographs yourself. I have always wondered what life is like as a photojournalist.

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