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Every Statue Tells a Story

Sometimes we needed no words at all,
but merely shared the flow of imagery in our two minds
Olaf Stapledon

I’ve always had a small fascination with statues. Not the modern kind, but the ancient statues. The ones that tells a story from their facial expression to their posture. From the biggest to the smallest, if it touches me, then it is art.

Then again, anything can be art these days. As they say: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder“. How are you able to distinguish art? There is no competition when it comes to art. It is just a simple form of self-expression. Sometimes no words are needed to tell a story; perhaps we need only our senses.



  1. The statues are beautiful. I have always felt that when it comes to art, writing, and music that society has taken a step back from some of the older works. Once we had Beethoven and Mozart, and now we have rappers, and music I sometimes can’t relate to. We once had Shakespeare, and now we have commercially successful wriing that is often good, but seems to be missing something. Even statues with their realism, and detail by people such as Myron, Rodin and Michelangelo have given way to works of modern art which sometimes baffle me. I’m not saying that modern scuptors, painters, musicians, and writers aren’t talented. I’ve seen works by famous and less known artists that were very good, special and unique. I just think that overall we have taken a step backward in all our artistic endeavors. Thanks for listening to me ramble on a little. I’m sometimes passioante about certain things, and I have a habit of ranting. thanks again for the pictures.

    • Thank you for commenting.

      I completely agree with you! This world has taken a step back. Maybe I’ve read too many Jane Austen novels, but I do miss that era. Not only the art, but the way people spoke. I only hope this modern age, doesn’t become too modern.

  2. I think you can say the same thing with architecture in general. Look at all those beautiful buildings from before. At the time when a building was more than just the material, it was a monument. A post that got me thinking! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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