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To Love, Honour and Obey

Give yourself to love the Lord. No other way is so prevailing, and no other way is so safe, so rich and so full of enjoyment. Just love Him, Do not care for anything else.
Witness Lee

One month ago today, I was asked to be a photographer for my friend’s wedding. Having little experience, I immediately agreed. I have always wanted to photograph a wedding; this was my first chance to experience the challenge. In addition, I have always loved black and white photography. This was my attempt to show them off and really improve my editing skills.

The wedding itself was split into two days: the wedding ceremony and main wedding reception. There were two photographers. I was mainly in charge of the wedding ceremony, but I did manage to take some good shots of the wedding reception.

Here is a lit of things I have learnt about wedding photography:

  1. Shoot in continuous mode. One blink can ruin a shot and one fraction of a second can save your photograph.
  2. Your spontaneous shots are likely to be your best shots. Don’t just shoot when the bride and groom tells you to.
  3. Don’t think, just shoot!
  4. Plan before the wedding. Communicate with the bride and groom. It is good to make a list of shots you want before the big day.
  5. Be prepared to edit a lot of photographs. Give yourself at least two weeks to finalise the images before handing over the prints.

Overall I enjoyed it. As it was my friend’s wedding, I was a guest as well as a photographer. Having known a lot of the guests, I was able to photograph people quite easily. I am sure the more weddings you photograph, the more you will improve. I hope I will get the chance to shoot more in the future. As it was my first wedding, I thought I did rather well. I especially loved taking shots of the little ones. Most of all, I loved capturing the eyes, they are all beautiful! But I will let you be the judge of that. So I include a few of my best shots of the bride and groom, guests and little toddlers.



  1. Wow, you really do like shooting Kids… And I can see what you mean by their Eyes, amazing… All the shots are lovely, but you do seem to have an edge with Nature and Children


    • Luckily I wasn’t the main photographer for the wedding reception. Indoor lighting made everything yellow. Plus I have little experience with flashes. So a lot of black and white editing was involved.

      The ceremony was largely outdoor, so I was fine.

      Thank you!

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