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Forever One

Exactly one year ago today, I attempted to create a WordPress blog. To be more precise, a photography blog. After hours of researching, La Plume Noire was produced. Who would have thought that a simple gap year would turn me into an obsessed photographer and blogger. This year has changed me for good and hopefully for the better.

Not only have I improved my writing capabilities, but I have also improved my photography. I only have one true advice for improving your photographic skills, just keep shooting. As quoted from the film, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly:

“When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.”

Perhaps that quote was taken slightly out of context, but in photography terms, it remains the same; just keep on shooting. One blink and you may have missed the opportunity. It is all in the practice. The more you shoot, the more you will improve. Don’t let anyone stop you.

Who shall I start thanking first? Without a doubt I have to start thanking WordPress. Thank you WordPress for creating such an amazing community and platform. I don’t think I have ever used other blogging platforms, except for WordPress. It is so easy to use and I look forward in seeing more updates in the coming year. Furthermore, getting Freshly Pressed last month was a complete bonus. It was as if I was that cherry, being ultimately placed on a cake. It was perfect timing. Not only for the statistics, but to see more new faces in the blogging world. To reconnect with other photography bloggers.

Subsequently, by all means, I have to thank YOU! Yes, you the reader. I have gained so many blogging friends, from both sides of the world. It’s almost as if I know you all in person. I will not name names, but you all know who you are. Old and new followers, I thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read and cherish my blog full of photographs. For once in my life, I am perfectly happy. Seriously though, the last time I ever became this excited, was when I was a leader of a 1,000 member Guild on Neopets. Alas, those were my teenage years. As a result, I wholeheartedly appreciate every single comment made, great and small.

La Plume Noire has been an amazing experience that I will never forget, and long may it continue! In years to come, if there ever is a WordPress reunion for bloggers, I hope to meet you all there. Until then, I hope that I have not rambled too much. I expect to show you more photographs in the future and enjoy reading all your wonderful blogs.

Much love and grace



  1. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are beautiful and I thank you for sharing them. Here’s to another year!

    (Too bad about that other blog, huh? Maybe we’ll find the time to devote to it next year.)

  2. I am so happy for you that it has been such a good fruit bearing year for you! So many lovely photographs, always with kind, meaningful words and here’s to many more blooming, blossoming beauties in your life!

  3. Thank you for a great blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics!

    Love the quote “When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.”

    Hope you have a great weekend ending.

    • Thank you! Of course I can give out a few tips:

      • Be consistent with blogging. Try and post a minimum of once a week.
      • Find other blogs who have the same interest as you and start commenting.
      • Enjoy the writing! You really have to enjoy blogging to be consistent.
      • Writer’s block? Go out and explore. I’m sure you will find something to write about afterwards.
      • If you want more subscribers, then you will have to do a bit of advertising. Social Networks normally work, i.e. Facebook/Twitter etc.
      • Lastly. Patience! You will need a lot of that! My blog took roughly 6 months to generate a good amount of comments and subscribers daily. It really depends on how much work you put on your blog, but it does pay off. You will eventually find a group of blogging friends of your own who will spend the time to read your posts.

      Hope that helped! Good Luck!

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