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Turning Through Pages

A week ago, I posted a wedding photography post, filled with everlasting memories, named: To Love, Honour and Obey. It was my first ever wedding photography. Thus I wanted to make it extra special. I never really told you how I presented the photographs to the happy couple. Trust me, it was more than just a CD.

From the beginning, I have always wanted to create a personalised photo album. The hardest part was actually searching for the right album. I spent weeks searching across London stores, finding the most expensive ones to the cheapest, and they still were not perfect enough. In fact, I almost gave up on the idea of creating an album. However, a good search online (thanks to Google), brought me to a website that sold good quality and decent sized photo albums. Huzzah! Two days later, I received my photo album. I was extremely impressed; a large album made entirely out of tree bark. I also managed to find a personalised engraved plate. Combine the two together, and you have a personalised photograph album. Perfect!

The second stage was more enjoyable, adding the photographs. No gluing was involved. Instead, I used a large amount of photo corners, provided by Paperchase. On the whole, the entire album, including printing, came together in just two days. Even editing the photographs took a lot longer. Nevertheless, I was happy with the results. I could definitely get used to the idea of becoming a wedding photographer.

If you are looking for a wedding gift, then perhaps this might give you some ideas.



  1. oolung

    These are lovely! I find I always go back to my “real-life” photo albums more than to the ones saved in my computer. It’s like the difference between reading a paper book and an a computer file.

  2. This is so thoughtful of you – there is something so comforting about turning the page on a selection of special photos. Sad to think of so many wonderful photos sitting on a CD or in a hard drive!

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