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To The Castle

To become a tourist in England, you will eventually visit at least one castle. As a Chinese, I fit in perfectly. The amount of Chinese group tours in England is ridiculous. So, I thought to myself, it is that time of year again to act like a tourist. One place in mind to revisit is Windsor Castle. Was it worth the money? Absolutely not!

Don’t get me wrong, the castle is beautiful; but to pay £16, and seeing only a small section of the castle, is not worthwhile. If you are visiting England, may I suggest you spend your day at Hampton Court; one of King Henry VIII’s palaces. You get to explore most of the castle and admire his beautiful garden. At roughly the same price, it’s definitely worth the money.

However, I did manage to capture a few photographs for you all. During my visit, the autumn colours was simply stunning. I also managed to experiment more with Photoshop this time. Adding a lot more layers to achieve a slight HD effect. So please tell me what you think.



  1. Fabulous

    I prefer Leeds Castle though….i visited it in the summer. It is the loveliest castle of all : D…I need to give you some feedback on these pictures in person. Remind me when you see me on Wenesday. – your lovely sister

  2. As usual your photos are outstanding. The first photo is one that I absolutely adore as it depicts all my favorite colors. Autumn is my favorite season and autumn colors are the colors that look best on me. 🙂

  3. The photos are very good. HD can be good but is often, in my view, overdone. You have found the right balance here. May I recommend Caerphilly Castle? Very different but it has the added attraction that I was born within a stone’s throw of it!!!

  4. oolung

    See, that’s what I envy the UK: all those castles and (even more so) country houses and cottages. Being from a country that’s been *a tad* ravaged during all the wars, I feel like we’re deprived of old but still liveable architecture 😦

    • I never thought about it that way. But I guess you are right. The next time I’m in USA or China, I will ask myself: Where are the castles!

      On the other hand, there are a lot of traditional culture in China. Lots of beautiful temples! Then again, I’m sure you’re sick of temples 😉

      • I meant Poland, but yes, China has the same problem 🙂 I mean yes, there are the temples, but so much was destroyed during the cultural revolution. And even now it seems like in their strive for modernisation they just destroy everything as they go: I hear the old traditional living quarters in Beijing and Shanghai are all but destroyed to make space for new buildings. 😦 Hmm, I hope they’ll wake up in time to save at least some things.

  5. Nice photos there sis. I hope you tried to distract the bloke in the funny tall hat.

    Just in case you didn’t know, Leeds castle isn’t actually up north in Leeds the city but is down by the coast in Leeds the town. That would be a direction mistake of Dumb and Dumber proportions, where they end up in Colorado instead of Aspen.

  6. Beautiful photos!!! I’ve only just gotten interested in photography so I’m taking a class to learn how to use my camera properly and I’m always looking for inspiration. Love your blog!

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