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Young Feathered Friends

Back in August, I introduced to you all a new feathered friend: Miss Lulu Rosa Blanche. A Silkie white chicken breed who has taken a liking to my family.

Well I can now report to you that Miss Lulu has two little ones of her own. One of which was hatched by herself and the other was incubated. As Miss Lulu is rather a young mother, she has somewhat neglected her chicks. So we have stepped in and are now looking after the little ones.

Furthermore, we believe that one is male and the other is female, although still too young to say. However, for the time being, we have named them Elvis and Darcey. If you look closely, you can just make out their awesome hairstyle; just like their mother. When their new coat eventually grows, I will be sure to photograph more of the two. Until then, say hello to Mr Elvis Blanche and Miss Darcy Blanche.



  1. I have never, ever seen a chicken like that. How very bizarre – where is it from?

    The pictures actually reminded me of a place called Godstone Farm. There are loads of enclosures and pens that you can go in to see the animals.

  2. I’m so envious 🙂 I saw a silky chicken once at a farmer’s market (no worries, it was in a little petting zoo) and it’s the most adorable thing. I once grew up w/chickens… and so am really fond of them

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