La Plume Noire Photography

Tis The Season…

It is that time once again to spread the love and cheer to your friends and family. Or as I like it, to annoy one another with your worst Christmas jokes. No need to tell me, it is all included in your Christmas cracker. Trust me, I have had some pretty bad ones myself.

Nothing much to add in this edition. Just wanting to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This time next week, I will be jetting off to Hong Kong. Do not worry, I will be taking you all with me. In fact, you will all be upgraded; well not literally, but I will be upgrading my Windows computer to a Mac. I am excited, my first Macbook!  As a result, I will try to find time to blog. Although, the blog posts may not be about Hong Kong, just yet. It’ll be even better, my previous trip to Paris. Yes, I have much to blog about and share with you my previous adventures in Paris. It was so much fun. So, stay tuned!

I would also like to inform you all, that I have been nominated for photographer of the year by Dark Globe. So please head over to their site and vote for La Plume Noire! It would be such an honour to win this award. In fact, it would be my very first photography award. 

Vote for La Plume Noire!



  1. Your Christmas photos are gorgeous and I love the reflection of you in the third one! Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong and I promise you, you are going to love your Macbook! Can’t wait to see and hear about Paris, until then, Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

    Congrats on nomination and will be sure to vote!

    • Very sweet of you Patti, and thank you! I only hope the Macbook is cheaper over there. Actually I’m hoping that it’s not, I don’t think I can get used to a USA keyboard ;P

      Once again have a great Christmas yourself.

  2. Lovely ornaments, I wish I could put the tree up for Christmas.. my family has one but it’s in a box.. stuffed in the garage under piles and piles of random boxes and furniture when we moved in. It’s so much work to dig it out, my parents don’t see the point if going through such a hassle to have a tree up. I hope you have fun in Hong Kong! I was there a few months ago, wonderful place to photograph, eat.. and most importantly, SHOP!

    Happy holidays and have a safe flight! 😀

    • My parents are exactly the same. Growing up, we had a very flimsy Christmas tree covered in fake snow; but I’ve always had to beg them to take it out. That would mean climbing up the attic. Now that I have my own place, they don’t bother with it.

      Many thanks and happy holidays to you too!

      P.S: I promise I will eat and shop! That’s all I do anyway in Hong Kong 🙂

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