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News Update: Beyond the Sea

Being 8 hours ahead in Hong Kong, I feel like I’m somewhat abandoning you guys. The trouble with being on vacation is that I have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is. I don’t even remember when I last posted. My brain is not functioning properly. Until I land back in Britain, I’m afraid my post will be rather lacking in quality. However, I will try my best.

What have I been doing? A lot of hiking, eating seriously good food and drinking a great amount of Hong Kong iced coffee. Furthermore, I did a small amount of shopping. Thus, I ended up buying an Apple, a Macbook Pro in fact; well it was my birthday after all. So it begins, the long process of transferring my data from one computer to another. If only it was simple enough to transfer Photoshop, then I can easily edit my photographs on my new Macbook. Perhaps I should try a new editing software like Aperture or Lightroom; anyone have any good suggestions?

I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me for Photographer of the Year at The Dark Globe. It’s amazing to win an award, but a photographer award is definitely extra special. It was great to stand alongside other photography blogs; such amazing work they all do. So a big thank you to you all!

Lastly, I have some very sad news. The news you all really don’t want to hear. Miss Lulu Rosa Blanche has sadly passed away. She somehow broke her legs and was found hanging upside-down in her enclosure. My parents and I have absolutely no idea how this happened, perhaps she tripped or worse, suicide. It’s truly sad, both Elvis and Darcey have lost their mother. May a part of Lulu live in both Elvis and Darcey. Although, they are beginning to look more like their father.

Rest In Peace
Miss Lulu Rosa Blanche
December 2011



  1. As a fellow HK-er and MacBook Pro user….. I use Lightroom 3 with PS (CS4) as my main editing suite and I also have Silver Efex Pro installed. They work just fine if a little slowly at times. My biggest gripe with the mac is that Safari grinds to a halt too frequently – the ever-spinning globe. Did you check out the IFC Apple Store? Or hike around Sai Kung? You may have hiked just past our house if you did bits of the MacLehose Trail. Happy 2012.

    • Perhaps I should get Lightroom 3, since I have CS4 as well, just on my Windows computer. I use Chrome now, way too many bookmarks to transfer. It’s definitely faster than Safari.

      I actually got my Macbook from IFC Apple Store a few days ago. £500 cheaper in HK!! Very different from Windows, but loving it, especially the trackpad. I went to Sai Kung a few years back. I was hiking at Lamma Island and Mui Wo. Beautiful sunny day! I will definitely try MacLehose Trail when the weather gets better. It’s actually cold now. Ha never thought I would say that in Hong Kong.

      Thanks for the advice! Happy New Year!

  2. You will probably need a different version of CS4 for Mac. I don’t think you can use a PC version on a Mac. I switched 2 years ago and had to buy a new version of PS. I also bought MS Office for Mac. I tried the Mac equivalent suite but didn’t take to it.

  3. Well, that is just terrible about Lulu… Perhaps she will make her way to the Cover of one of your Future Photo Books

    As Far as being 8 Hours ahead, don’t worry about it, you’re just Checking out the Future for us… Clearing the Way… Having a Look at the Unknown, lol

    Have a Great Trip, and Gratz on the/your Award, you Truly Deserve it


  4. Pah, I bet this blog will soon be full of Apple fans slapping each other on the back and talking about Steve Jobs all the time. Don’t go to the darkside, Kirsty!

    Congratulations on the award. Did you take that photo of planet Earth yourself? Well done if you did.

    Sorry to hear about Lulu, that is very sad indeed.

    And happy birthday as well.

    • Do not worry, I am not a fully committed Apple fan. I’m sure there will only be one more post about my macbook 😉

      Many thanks! If only I did take that picture. Think of the blogging opportunities. I will have more hits than everyone else. Ha!

  5. Happy Birthday wishes to you and big congrats on the Photographer of the Year Award! I shouldn’t fret at all about the time difference etc in HK, you have fun! Plus with internet etc, not to mention your new Macbook, you are still at the end of a return button, wherever you are.

    So sad to here about poor Miss Lulu Rosa Blanche . . . at least you caught her beauty!

  6. Come back home! It’s too hot in Hong Kong, well I assume it is anyway, it was hot when I was there this two a couple of years ago. It’s winter, unnatural!

    Hope you’re having a rawking good time! Sorry to hear about Lulu, very strange way to die indeed =/

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