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Fit for a King: Château de Versailles

I have kept you waiting for far too long. I finally have the chance to blog my adventures in Paris. First up, I will show you a very grand castle. Château de Versailles lies in the suburb of Paris; easily accessible by train. Yet the greatest joy of it all, was that it was absolutely free of charge. It’s free for anyone under the age of 25 and living within the EU.

My only advice for exploring the grounds is that you will need at least two days to see everything. One day for visiting the palace, and the extra days for exploring the garden. May I add, the garden is humongous! You can even rent a golf buggy; that’s how big it truly is. As a result, I can safely announce that it is definitely fit for a king; in this case, Louis XIV. If you are visiting Paris anytime soon, then I highly recommend Château de Versailles. Simply pick a sunny day, wake up early and go explore! It is undeniably stunning and beautiful and makes a rather good workout.

I will leave this post short and sweet because I know you all are dying to see the photographs. More photographs can be found on my Flickr account.




  1. Wow, I love the Room with a View Shot (both of those shots actually, but especially the First one)

    It reminds me of John Paul Getty’s House, which used to be The Getty Museum

    He had a Huge Art Collection, and you used to be able to go to the Home, and walk all over… I know they ended up Building a Building for at least part of his Collection… A Huge White Building (Several Buildings Actually)… I went there, it was ok, but I much preferred walking through the Home, which I don’t know if they any longer do.

    Thanks for sharing Noiri

    Breath Taking


    • Thank you DarkJade. I love those two shots as well.

      Ah now I understand more. I actually visited the Getty Museum a couple years back, having no clue about it. I agree, it would have been a lot better if it was at his original home.

  2. YAY! I love it Kirsty! I looked at a few of these when you posted your flickr link, the one with the circle of water reflecting the clouds is amazing. Welcome back, you have been sorely missed 🙂

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    I’d love for you to be one of the Judges, as we will ask people to Submit Pictures (via Links I’d imagine), and the Judges will widdle it down to Finalists

    Anyway, let me know if you’d be willing to be one of the 9 Judges

    Thanks Michael


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  5. Those golden gates are magnificent and that hall looks incredibly grand. I can imagine the history just seeps out of the walls.

    However, the French are rubbish at everything so could you please kindly remove that comment about Windsor Castle. Thanks.

  6. C’est tres beau! We took the subway to Chateau de Versailles and loved it. C’est que le gros parc. I had forgotten how gold gilded those gates were.

    Did you take any photos of the gardens and countless water fountain designs/sprays?

    • The garden is probably more beautiful in the summer. They stopped the fountains during the winter, I think. However, it’s a beautiful garden! I definitely need more time to explore.

  7. Hey Noiri, as of Midnight Tonight U.S. PST West Coast Time, the February Shoot Off! Submissions shall come to an end. What I’m having the Judges do is Select Their First, and Second Choices in Each Category… I Shall Assign 2pts to your Favorite, and 1pt to your Second Choice… Once I’ve gathered all of the Judges Votes, I will Add up all the Points, and Determine the Winners in Each Category. If there are any Ties, I will let you guys know what I will do next.

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  10. I love your blog, love your photos and your writing style. Isn’t Versailles the most amazing place to visit! I actually have written about it and had totally forgotten about the golf carts until you reminded me! Your photos of Versailles are amazing. Your love of what you are doing is well expressed and enjoyed by others. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Elaine

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