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Le Panthéon: The Grateful Homeland

“Aux grands hommes la patrie reconnaissante”
“To the great men, the grateful homeland”

My ultimate adventure in Paris is almost at its end. Honestly, I am glad. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of writing about Paris. Despite the beauty of Paris, I have definitely reached my limit. Thus, I am pleased to announce that this is my last post of my travels in Paris. I also want to apologise for the lateness of this post. My life is currently in the midst of changes.

My Paris travels ends with the spectacular Panthéon. A beautiful mausoleum in the heart of Paris, built-in the year 1790. Many famous writers are buried here, including Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas.

Why did I visit? Firstly, my love for Victor Hugo. My favourite novel is indeed Les Misérables. Aside from this, I love architecture. Especially large buildings that immerses you in history. It still fascinates me how a 200-year-old building is still standing, despite all the stupidity of wars that happened around it.

Nonetheless, there was something more that captivated me. The Foucault Pendulum. A brilliant device that demonstrates the earth’s rotation. Simply put, the Foucault Pendulum is a very long pendulum, similar to a grandfather’s clock; thus it swings back and forth. But due to the rotation of the earth, the pendulum also rotates with time; making a full circle within 24 hours. The interesting part of this experiment, is that there is no force that drives the pendulum round in a circle. It is literally only swinging back and forth in a straight line. The pendulum only rotates due to the earth spinning. Fascinating, right? A genius design, discovered by a french physicist, Léon Foucault. It’s incredible how a man’s brain can come up with these ideas. If only I loved science more during my school days.

For more photographs on Le Panthéon, visit my Flickr Account

Located near the Panthéon



      • Ha, in Respects to Photography, “You Are A Jedi!!” lol… Ironically, the First Two Star Wars are My Favorite All Time Films, lol… In Fact George Lucas and those two movies are one of the main reasons/inspirations as to why I pursued Film Making back in 2000-2003.

        By The Way, I agree with you about that Theme You Mention in Your Tweet… Perfect for you and Your Site.

        Forgive My Ignorance as I don’t have a Tweet Account, but are people able to Tweet Back to you, or is it just a place for you to let us know what’s up with you, without any back and forth?

        May The Force Be With You… Always


      • If you have a Twitter Account, you can of course reply back. There is also another way. My twitter account is also connected to my Facebook page. So other replies are made on my FB page. Link on the sidebar.

        You know what I’ve always secretly wanted? One of those toy lightsaber that lights up and make the sound affects. So awesome!

  1. Ha, that’s Hilarious… I’ve never had one either, but they are Awesome. In fact I saw George Lucas on some Talk Show some time, and I believe he and the Host Battled with them, it was pretty Cool… I’ll have to find it on YouTube and give you the Link.


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