La Plume Noire Photography

Path of Change

I begin by turning over a new leaf. The path of change has arisen. Another set of branches have appeared before your eyes, and you start to imagine the possibilities. Do I choose to remain on the same path? The path that I have loved for so long, or take a small risk. Subsequently, I have decided to accept this new path and take on a challenge.

What challenge, you ask? Look around you, La Plume Noire has freshly appeared to you, clean and simplistic. No frills, no sidebar, just photographs and prose. Beautiful, is it not? Well it is a premium theme after all. The Theme Foundry certainly makes elegant themes for WordPress. I have always wanted to use one of their themes, even if it means paying premium.

What has this new theme change brought to the world? In the next few months ahead, expect larger photographs, a few more columns and perhaps some galleries now and then. Indeed, I have always wanted to use galleries, but hated the layout. However, the Duet theme choice presents their galleries with a more sophisticated approach, which I actually cannot wait to experiment with it.

To my readers, I only hope that you enjoy this ‘path of change’. It is a sudden change, which I hope you accept. I encourage feedback and opinions. The more the merrier. As Nido Qubein once declared: “Change brings opportunity.” Therefore, may La Plume Noire bring many more opportunities to you in the future.



  1. “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” – John Wicker

    I like this theme very much and I’m glad you purchased it. It’s subtle and doesn’t compete with your images or your text. It displays your work professionally and beautifully.

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