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A Day in Monochrome

I now leave Paris and travel east, 6000 miles to Hong Kong. Picture this in your mind. It is currently January, you leave the coldness of Paris behind you and enter into Hong Kong, where the sun is shining and the air is warm. Barefoot, you stand on a beach and look out towards the sea. You close you eyes, lift your head up high and inhale the ocean breeze. An ecstasy of delight fills your entire body. You spread out your arms and whisper to yourself, “I am home“.

In many different ways I consider Hong Kong as my second home. Great food, shopping and culture will probably lead to this answer. Nevertheless, my heart is still in England. I actually prefer the cold to the sweltering heat. I love the fact that England is so proud of their country. Without a doubt, I can definitely declare that I am proud to be british. However, there will come a day when I will have to choose between the two, and I am not looking forward to that day one bit.

Until that day arrives, let us trace our steps back to the beauty of the beach. Mui Wo is a small rural town situated on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Believe it or not, it is a definite touristy zone. Half of the people I passed was without question westerners. In fact, I even spotted a pub. Low and behold, it was filled to the brim with british accents. Anyhow, if you move beyond the westerners, you will come across a beauty; a large strand beach known as the Silver Mine Bay. To my amazement, it was surprisingly empty. Good enough for the perfect photoshoot.

Towards the tip of Silver Mine Bay features many rock pools. Another great place to photograph. Perhaps I even took too many photographs; but there was something about the rocks that I loved. Hense, you will probably see many angled shots of the same place. All in all, it was the ultimate photography day. If you are situated in Hong Kong, I highly recommend a visit; just not during the weekend.

I am rather proud of the results of this photoshoot. I didn’t expect to edit all the beach shots in black and white. They actually look better in monochrome than in colour. Thus, I have decided to divide the post into two. Today, I will show you only my black and white photographs. Think of it as a project. Consequently, I will display this project within my very first gallery. I look forward to reading your feedbacks.

Are you ready? The story begins, as usual, with a dead puffer fish…

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  1. Ooh my, the pictures are wonderful. You are making me yearn to visit these beautiful places, you travel to. I live in a coastal town and our beaches are sandy. (Am sure you would have fun taking pictures here too :)Your beach seems rocky and beautiful, the pic with the guy fishing is incredible.

  2. Hey, That’s Jimmy Emo to you, lol

    Ahhh, that’s what I thought it might be

    Stay in England, and Visit Hong Kong

    You Have a British Mind, and a Chinese Soul

    Pretty Damn Cool if you ask me

    Good Luck with your Decision when it comes


  3. There’s something about black and white (photos and movies) that I find so alluring. I’m not distracted by the colors (although I love colors) so I can focus on what’s “really” happening in front of me. Beautiful work!

  4. I always love your posts and photos. This post touches me even more, as I am like you, split..born Italian, lived in Paris a longer time than in Italy, and now American resident. I always wish to be here or there, and do not want to choose! These pictures black and white have a deep feeling of old times, wonderful.. I like the promenade, the fisherman and the dead fish. It’s dead but looks like belonging ..the promenade could be Geneva, Lago Maggiore, or many other sites in the world that still keep some authenticity…
    Thank you for sharing with us!

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