La Plume Noire Photography

The Painted Promenade

As mentioned in my last post, I will continue writing about my travels in Hong Kong. In my previous post: “A Day in Monochrome“, I enclosed many black and white photographs that I was truly proud of. Thank you very much for your wonderful comments. Today’s post will feature a lot more colours, hence the title: “The Painted Promenade”.

Not only is Mui Wo a great place to relax and retire, it also an excellent place to hike and explore. I guess you could call it the “countryside” of Hong Kong; away from the bustling, polluted city that it is famous for. Perhaps this is why I secretly love Hong Kong. I love being able to swim at the beach everyday and admire the sunshine.

What I hate about Hong Kong is the city itself. The huge crowds of people coming towards you during peak hours. In addition, you have the sweltering heat and high humidity. Even the cold tap water feels luke warm. Your sanctuary at this point is an air-conditioned shopping mall. A place where you can spend hours walking around without cursing at the sun. I still don’t understand how you could live here during the summer. That is why my family and I usually travel to the city during the winter season. Not only do you sweat less, but you are also able to explore more without complaining.



  1. Simply Amazing Shots Kirsty… And Great Insight about Hong Kong

    “Hey, what’s my kitty doin in Hong Kong??!!” No wonder he didn’t come for Supper, lol

    Looks like em anyway

    Great Post, thanks for Sharing


  2. oolung

    I so understand what you feel… Shivering with cold nowadays and looking forward to spring… but then I know as soon as it comes I’ll be cursing the heat! 🙂 Beautiful flower photos!

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