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A Path Through Hong Kong

Hong Kong, “Asia’s World City“, is filled to the brim with high-rise buildings and culture. Around the city, people are rushing towards their destination clutching their latest technology. The modern world is forever changing, thus population is growing. Sooner or later mankind will be migrating to other unknown planets, leaving Earth itself to mother nature once more.

It’s interesting to see how Asia uses small spaces. When you first move to Hong Kong or other asian countries, it feels as if you’ve been downgraded. Everything in Hong Kong is a lot smaller, including furniture. For example, take a visit to Ikea and you will find that Asian Ikea furniture is in fact smaller than Ikea in the western countries. It’s fascinating to see how other countries live their life.

However, when you visit countries like these, you really need to look past the small spaces and focus on the beauty in front of you. Every country has a beautiful aspect. A side where mother nature began. All you need to do is find it, and perhaps happiness will follow.

My latest adventure takes us from the city of Hong Kong to another island named Lamma Island. The island itself is more rural than other islands. To get around Lamma Island, all you need to do is hike; as there are no roads except hiking paths. Hiking through the island is a lot of fun and it is filled with many hidden surprises. The views are breathtaking on a clear and sunny day. If you’re looking for a simple hike in Hong Kong, then take a day trip to Lamma Island.



  1. These are Some Amazing Shots Kirsty, and Great Info too… You should Reblog or Repost this on Dark Globe For Sure

    Beautiful and Interesting Photos


    P.S. I’m Glad muh Pen Worked out for yah hee hee

  2. Photo 3 is amazing, the first two photos even more so, I remember walking past that massive building while I was there a couple of years ago. Definitely planning to go back there later on this year! Glad you have a good one Kirstles 🙂

    • Thanks Pete! Have a great time if you do go back! One thing you must try, if you haven’t done so already; is find a fruit cafe called “Hui Lau Shan” and try their ultimate mango smoothie! Best ever!

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