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A Passage Through Royalty

There is perhaps one special city that I haven’t blogged much about yet. That is the city of London. It’s strange, I have lived in London for almost five years and I have yet to properly photograph it. My chance finally came when two of my friends came to visit me and wished to explore. So it begins, the perfect opportunity to become a london tourist. Being Asian, I blend in well, perhaps too well. Maybe this is the reason why I have yet to take out my camera and explore the city.

First stop, another place where I call home, Greenwich. Notable for time and birthplace of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Why do I call it home? I literally spent my university years here. The Royal Naval College is not only a historical site but also home to the University of Greenwich. A beautiful campus, is it not? I was more amazed when I first found out that I would be studying here.

Designed by the famous Christopher Wren, each building is beautifully constructed. In the past, The Royal Naval College was actually a hospital for sailors. Founded in 1694 and closed in 1869. It then became a training place for the Royal Navy, until 1998. The grounds officially opened to the public in 2002, and is now a regular hotspot for filmmakers. Such films include The Mummy Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean, The King’s Speech and many more.



  1. And right now they are filming Les Mis there!

    Sorry, I haven’t been around much. Got to catch up on your posts! I heard Rosalind was here!! Say hi to her for me!

    • Hey you! I heard you were around. Sorry I couldn’t meet up. It’s been a hectic few weeks. I’m currently persuading Rosalind to come for Diamond Jubilee this summer.

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