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London: Eye of The World

One of my favourite walks in London would have to be the London South Bank. A beautiful two-mile stretched area along the Thames. Very touristy during the summer months, but rather peaceful during the winter and autumn season. Before you start questioning. I am one of those crazy people who loves walking in the freezing cold, holding nothing but a large cup of coffee and a good book. As long as it’s sunny, I can’t complain.

What is so special about London South Bank? I guess it’s a great way to admire the city. The full on architecture. It’s beautiful, especially during the evening. Not forgetting, there is also a book market. The only book market in London that I know of. Thus, you cannot say no to that.

Subsequently, when I have guests visiting in London, I will always take them to South Bank. If you are visiting London at some point in the future, here is my quick walking guide.

If you start at the London Eye, you can’t go wrong. Keep walking along the Thames until you see the Tate Modern. If you’re interested in modern art, pay a visit. If not, cross the Millennium Bridge to St. Paul’s. Grab a cup of coffee and relax with a book at St. Paul’s Cathedral Garden. After a short break, return back to the Millennium Bridge and walk further along the South Bank, passing Shakespeare’s Globe, the humongous Shard architecture and Hay’s Galleria, until you’ve reached Tower Bridge. If you are still alive, it’s worth paying a visit to see the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. You can then finish the day with a river boat ride from St. Katherine’s Pier.  A definite good days worth of exercise. Comfortable walking shoes is one essential item you will be needing in London.



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