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An Oriental Affair

Greetings my fellow readers, long time no write. I have been pacing back and forth, thinking of something to post to you all. Eventually I came up with a few ideas, which involved looking back at archived photographs. As I have no current photography trips coming up, I have decided to go back and re-edit some old ones. Old images that you may not have seen before. We begin by time travelling a few years back to Hong Kong and Macau.

Lantau Island, the largest island in Hong Kong. Home to Disneyland and Tian Tan Buddha. A trip to see Tian Tan Buddha was an interesting experience. Through the thick fog, we rode the Ngong Ping gondola. Even in the thick fog, we had amazing views. Although in the future, I must try riding the gondola with the glass bottom. They call it the ‘Crystal Cabin’. I couldn’t try it last time due to the fact that my mother is scared of heights. Even if it was my birthday that day. My father and I still could not persuade her. And yet she has no problems sitting on the ski lifts in Canada.

Tian Tan Buddha is situated 240 steps up. If you are like me, you will be rushing to the top. I don’t recommend it, only because your legs will feel like jelly afterwards. Once reached, Tian Tan Buddha greets you with his raised hand, only to signify the removal of pain and suffering. Peaceful, is it not? The views from the Buddha are beautiful.

The only thing that shocked me, was the carved Nazi symbol on the Buddha’s chest. Rest assured, the Nazi symbol is actually called the Swastika symbol. The Swastika symbol is more than 3000 years old. A symbol of eternity and good will. It was a positive and peaceful ancient symbol until one man came along and ruined its meaning. It’s a shame really.

Our next trip takes us to another famous island, Macau. The land is famous for its gambling and Portuguese culture. Personally, I found the island rather dull. Perhaps Las Vegas is better looking. There’s really not that much to do if you’re not the gambling person. So you could just spend one day touring the city. But I did manage to take a few photographs. It’s pretty obvious spotting the casinos from afar.



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