La Plume Noire Photography

An Assortment of Photographs

I can proudly announce that La Plume Noire Photography business is officially underway. The sample batches of business card designs have arrived and they all look great. I will probably use three out of the four designs that I submitted. A business would not be a business without stickers. Yes, there will be La Plume Noire stickers! I love branding products, and it seems that I still have an appreciation for stickers. So my main perfection will be creating the packaging. I want all your eyes to pop out when you open your very first La Plume Noire package. Hence, branding and packaging are my main focus. After a lot of researching, I have a few ideas in my mind.

What will I be selling first? Greeting Cards. After two days of searching through my photography archives, I have come up with a collection of my best work (found below). To begin, I will produce 25 greeting cards (with envelopes). I have so far found 21 of my best photographs. My own opinions of course. However, if you have a favourite photo of mine that you want included, please don’t hesitate to comment below and provide a link. Or perhaps you want to change the images and add phrases or quotes. At the moment I am happy to look into phrases and quotes. I am not sure if I want to leave it completely photographic or add a bit of sentimental touch. I will leave this up to you. Bear in mind, the watermark will be removed from the images.



  1. That Blue Poppy is Amazing

    The Only Word that comes to Mind is “Simplicity”

    Not sure you just want One Word in the Card though

    Good Luck, Great Photos


  2. I’ll Go Ahead and do a few more… For the Dahlia The Word “Imagine” comes to mind… For 9 Rose “Cherish”… The Lake “Reflect”… The King’s Garden “Embark”… 16 Wetland Park “Stay The Course”… Maybe mix it up, have some with Words in them


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