La Plume Noire Photography

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

I include below my journal snippets of: Sunshine, Happiness & Flowers of Beauty. It was written after the day of the event. I thought it was best to include my journal snippets rather than rewriting my experiences all over again. Enjoy…

The sun was shining brightly today. It was the perfect day for a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show, and it didn’t disappoint. We arrived at the gate at 5 o’clock sharp. In big bold letters, the sign clearly read: ‘Tickets Sold Out’. It made you feel even more special and proud that you had managed to buy tickets to this exclusive occasion. Large crowds were already gathering. Indeed, there were a lot of people. Too many in fact for a hot summers day. Nevertheless, we were all here to see and smell one thing only, flowers. Of course, that just meant one problem, Hay Fever. Alas, my nose was twitching and sneezing throughout the entire day. It was also good to know that I wasn’t the only one. As a Hay Fever sufferer, the Chelsea Flower Show is without doubt hell for my nose, and yet I have to say that I have experienced worse.

The Chelsea Flower Show is humongous. Not only is it filled with every variety of flowers, but there were many small shops selling home and gardening supplies. In fact, there were so many stores that we eventually got lost and could not find the gardens. Eventually, we found the beautiful miniature gardens. They were all interestingly designed. Although, I especially loved the sheds, beautifully arranged and colour coordinated. And yet, little did we know, there was more to come, a lot more.

The Great Pavilion they called it. Filled with a magnificent array of plants and flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted “The earth laughs in flowers”, it certainly does in The Great Pavilion. The large building lies in the heart of the Chelsea Flower Show. I will admit it now, It is literally a photographer’s dream. I could spend all day just photographing flowers in The Great Pavilion. Alas, we only had 3 hours until we were hurried away. The show abides to a strict time schedule, and thus my ticket displays: 5.30pm to 8.00pm. It’s a real shame, because you simply cannot see everything within 3 hours. It’s quite frankly impossible, especially when you’re holding a camera.

Overall, it was a great summers day out. As expected, there was slightly too many people; but the Chelsea Flower Show always brings a massive crowd. The gardens and flowers were beautiful. I would’ve loved to have the time to explore further. Regardless, it was a day well spent.



  1. What a great interpretation of an English cottage garden. We’ve just emigrated to Australia, and it’s making me feel quite nostalgic.

  2. have I told you lately how wonderful you are? nope, I haven’t because I’ve been flitting around the world and meanwhile you’ve been here taking amazing photographs of which I am super jealous of 😀 Just… LOVE

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