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A Future Proposition

As La Plume Noire continues to grow, my agonising urge for a proper website lingers above me. I need a decent website for my photography business, to entice my clients, and increase my readership. As a result, there simply isn’t enough room at this blog anymore. Of course, I could always create another new domain, but that might just confuse people. Besides, my business cards are already linked to this site. I even thought about turning this blog into a website, but I really don’t want to start adding static pages.

So after a long thought, I came up with the idea of changing this blog’s main domain into a subdomain, i.e. I will then use the main domain ( as a self-hosted site, thus linking back to the blog. I am hoping that this will work, as a self-hosted site will bring a lot more opportunities. Naturally, this will require a lot of work all at once. But I will be prepared, I hope. There won’t be a huge change to this blog. Obviously, certain links and pages will be moved around, but you needn’t worry, I will not be moving permanently to a self-hosted site. This blog will forever remain at The only thing that I am worried about, is that if this will have any impact on the indexing and overall ranking of La Plume Noire. Although, I have heard that Google dislikes subdomains. If it means that I will have to start afresh again, so be it.

By all means, I want your feedback and opinions first, before I upgrade this adventure. In fact, If you have a better suggestion, I would love to hear about it. This is a big step, but I hope it is for the better.



  1. Interesting… Seems like the Right Thing to do… Unless you just Create a Second Site that is for your Business, but have a Blog Page that when Clicked takes people to this Site… I think Pete’s Site does that? If you click the Tab to one of his other Blogs, from his Main Blog, it takes you to the other Blog.

    Is there a down side to this being a separate Site? Where, like I say, if they Click your Blog Page Tab, it just takes you to this Site? You can ask Pete about it, he had to track down people in the Forums to help him set it up… But he might be able to help you.


      • Ah wait, I think what you Proposed in your Post is what I meant, Lol

        Yeah, make this a Sub Domain

        No clue if it will bring you less Views… But you have your Following, and You’re Business is kind of your Main thing now I think?


  2. Kirsty knows how to do it, when she had her Wordless photography blog she had the link to that on her menu on this blog which is what gave me the idea originally.

    I think if you’re starting up a business then a website is a good way to go, considering you’re not allowed to make money from WordPress blogs. If you did move would you host your blog outside of

    • Aye thanks Pete. I’m considering of keeping this blog here at and just linking the ‘Home’ tab to the main site. Perhaps in the future, I might move permanently. But at the moment, I’m not considering to.

  3. If it were me, I’d move everything to self hosting – but there are certain perks to being hosted on WordPress, not to mention the community, so I would blame you for wanting to stay.

    How about doing things the other way around? Make the “site” on a sub domain of the domain you already have, leaving this one as it is, and just linking the two together?

    In any case, if you are planning to build the site by yourself, I still recommend using the WordPress platform 🙂

    • I love the WordPress community. Would definitely miss if, If I moved everything.

      I suppose I could do it the other way round, but I really would like a homepage. I would definitely still use WordPress, when self hosting. Would not change that.

  4. Having said that, I don’t know if it is possible to have sub domains of the same domain looking at different hosts – you’ll need to look into it for both options.

    • I didn’t register my domain through WordPress. I registered through a different company. When looking through their control panels, they offer a subdomain. I would just need to buy it and change some settings.
      They also offer web hosting. I am hoping that this will work.

      • Normally I wouldn’t expect to pay extra for subdomains, I’m used to accounts where you can set up unlimited sub domains for free. Currently you have your main domain pointing here to WordPress, so you need to see if you can get a sub domain pointing to another host, then you are sorted. Otherwise just get another domain 🙂

        What I meant in my other comment, was keep this as your blog, and just build another WordPress based site as your homepage. Whichever one takes your main domain is up to you. 🙂

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