La Plume Noire Photography

Grand Opening

If you may not have already heard, La Plume Noire is currently undergoing changes. This blog has now been changed to a subdomain: I have yet to update certain links around this site. So you may find some links that are not working, especially within the pages. Please bear with me, whilst I update them. Indeed, it is annoying when you have made the decision to move. But it does bring in fresh new ideas to the site. Most importantly, I now have a lot more room.

As a result of this change I would like to introduce to you all, the grand opening of La Plume Noire’s homepage. In the recent weeks, I have moved La Plume Noire’s main domain to a self-hosted WordPress site. Since moving, I have experienced a lot of new changes. One big advantage in self-hosting is that you can do absolutely everything. There are no restrictions. I finally have the chance to add plugins. In addition, searching for a photography gallery theme was exciting. It certainly took a few days to find one; too many choices for a start. The only disadvantage I have at the moment in self-hosting, is that you will expect errors. If something goes wrong on your site, you will have to fix it yourself. Hence, I have experienced some minor errors so far; but customer service has been great. They have helped me a lot.

The main reason for choosing the homepage theme was down to the awesome-looking gallery. I fell in love with the gallery instantly, and I have yet to find a better theme that has excelled with a good-looking portfolio page. Additionally, you can also change the gallery to view all the images, as well as viewing images according to your chosen category, which I find very helpful.

Another feature that I love, is the social networking tabs. This was not included in the theme, but it is a WordPress plugin. As I have disabled the comments on the web page, it is useful to have all my social network sites viewable on the sidebar of all pages. It’s also rather functional to attract more traffic to the social networking sites.

Not to mention, It was also the small details that finally convinced me to upload the theme onto WordPress. The timeline (homepage) layout is executed cleanly and conveys a simple and smart layout. The sidebar widgets can only be seen on certain pages, such as the ‘Information‘ section.

Overall, the theme is all about simplicity. All I wanted to achieve, was to show off my photographs. I believe I have accomplished that. However, feedback is most important.  I need to know if the website works for you? Perhaps if you have suggestions on how I can improve the site, then please share your thoughts.



  1. Your web site looks amazing! And you have my future wife at the top of the page which is always a plus.

    You’re setting up your own self hosted site for the right reasons, it annoys me when I go on the WordPress forums and there’s idiots posting in the wrong forums about their broken .Org installs and clearly have no idea what they’re doing. If you’re starting a business this is the next logical step and no doubt you’ll be earning many a money to keep me in my old age. 😛

  2. Your website looks terrific. I discovered it when looking for others using the same theme I was. I was curious to see how others are using it, since it has so many nice options. I think it’s a very good design for showcasing photos.

    I’ve been enjoying your photography, particularly those of architecture. There are some excellent pieces. Well done.

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