La Plume Noire Photography

B is for British: Made in Britain

“However British you may be, I am more British still”
Henry James

Great Britain, it may be small, but our country is filled with culture, pride, traditions and the customary dry humour. There are the usual traditions, which include: tea drinking, biscuit dunking, fish Friday, moaning and complaining, and of course queueing. Besides this, I grew up with maypole dancing, elevenses, playing rounders, enjoying Shrove Tuesday, Bonfire Night and watching Eastenders. I shall be very proud of you non-Brits, if you can understand the meaning of all these traditions without googling it!

Nonetheless, when you mention England, people will generally ask you about the queen or other interesting questions. Here are the most frequent questions I get asked:

  • Have you ever met the Queen?
  • Did you go to school with Prince William or Prince Harry?
  • Can you say Harry Potter?
  • Can you say water? (This is a very popular one, especially if you add Harry Potter in the sentence. I believe I once had to repeat the phrase: “Harry Potter drank lots of water”)
  • I’m sorry, what is your name again? How do you spell it?
  • What are fizzy drinks?

To tell you the truth, I do have a lot of American friends, but where ever I travelled to, these were the questions I got asked. Did I answer the questions truthfully? I will let you decide.



  1. Awesome photo’s as always Kirstles! I agree with you about the questions, I remember when I went to Florida when I was a kid, some big woman on a bus to Seaworld asked me if I knew a Jeff who lived in Blackpool. I asked her if she knew a Cletus from Arkansas which confused her. I was proud of myself though for knowing what Arkansas was.

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