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Birds of a Feather

I return back to Hong Kong once more. Indeed, I go back once a year, just to stuff myself with food and shop around. This year, I have decided to upgrade my camera and buy myself a new telephoto lens, 70-200mm 4.0. I have always said to myself, “If only I’ve had a better zoom lens”; well now I do. It’ll be the perfect addition for photographing animals up-close. Additionally, the camera lens is lightweight, which is a bonus.

In order for me to test out the lens, I have returned back to Wetland Park in Hong Kong. I decided to give bird watching a try. A new lens means that I can photograph wildlife closer. There should be plenty of birds during the winter season.

Overall, I would say the day had been a success. There were lots of birds to photograph. I even had a client who perched beside me, wanting a photograph. The 70-200mm is a beautiful sharp lens, well worth the purchase. Perhaps I’ll even explore the wetland park in London, I’m sure I could take some good shots over there. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my first batch of wildlife photographs.

Wetland Park (1 of 5) Wetland Park (2 of 5)

Wetland Park

Wetland Park (3 of 5)

Wetland Park (4 of 5) Wetland Park (5 of 5)



  1. oolung

    So pretty! And I really want to Hong Kong, though my shopping-as-a-trip-excuse place is Taiwan 🙂 Hopefully next time I’ll be able to do both. Cute birds. The one with the pink dot reminds me of Japanese hipsters, somehow… maybe it’s the hairstyle? 😉

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