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Hiking Through Shing Mun

When travelling to different countries, hiking is a great way to explore the natural aspects of the world. Indeed, I love to hike. From my group of friends, I am the only one that enjoys hiking trails and walking for several hours. It must be due to the genes, as my parents are the only group of people who I know that enjoys it too.

We continue our journey through Hong Kong. Next stop, Shing Mun. Shing Mun is a large country park situated around a reservoir in the New Territories. The country park has a vast woodland with many hiking trails. It is also home to a large number of wild macaque monkeys; one of which actually stole my lunch. In fact, it was so good that he even licked the floor clean. However, they were very cute to photograph.

Shing Mun Country Park is a beautiful place to visit and to escape the city life. Woodlands do in fact exist in Hong Kong. You can spend several hours hiking here. Just make sure you pack well, before you leave the house; bringing snacks and water. One last tip, beware of the monkeys.

Monkeys (1 of 5) Monkeys (2 of 5) Monkeys (3 of 5) Monkeys (5 of 5) Nature (1 of 3) Nature (2 of 3)Nature (3 of 3)



  1. oolung

    The second and third photo makes the monkey look like a meditating zen monk! 😉 Great photos – also, if I may say so, a beautiful new header and background for the blog!

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