La Plume Noire Photography

Online Store: The Grand Opening

Country Life Greeting CardAfter disappearing for a month, I can finally announce the grand opening of La Plume Noire Photography’s Online Store. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been talking about it since last year. Thus, it has finally happened, and I am happy and excited to grow my business venture one step further.

The ultimate question is, what will I be selling? At the moment I am selling a collection of handmade greeting cards. This took a while to plan and construct. In the end, I wanted to create them personally. Hence, I’ve kept it simple and organic to show off my photographs.

I am also selling a range of postcards. Some of my readers will have already received one of these as a freebie bonus. They are beautifully printed, especially the postcard template on the back. I am very happy with the design and I hope you shall be too.

Subsequently, If you would like to support my photography business, or if you are looking for a great additional gift for a friend or family; then you can stop by at my online store, and view a vast collection of cards and stationery. I should also include that I will be shipping worldwide. Drop by today, and let me know what you guys think.

Rose Postcard




  1. Reblogged for 50% of your profits.

    …Okay 25%? No?


    Okay I’ll just do it for free then.

    What you should eventually do is sell like those large canvas prints because; they’d look amazing hung up on walls and I’d deffo purchase!

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