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BBC Countryfile Photographic Competition

I thought you’ll all like to know that I shall be entering the BBC’s Countryfile Photographic Competition this year; for a chance to be included in their 2014 Countryfile calendar and to win some photography equipment.

The theme title for this year is “Our Living Landscape”, celebrating the best of the British countryside. I say I have a good chance in winning, nature is my area of expertise. Then again there will be a lot of good competition, judging by last year’s photographs. You are allowed to choose up to four photographs. Here are mine:

BBC Countryfile CompetitionIf you live within the UK, keep a close eye on my photographs, as it might appear on BBC Countryfile. Fingers crossed and wish me good luck. You just never know…




  1. Oh my goodness, good luck! Is there any way for us mere mortals to vote, or is it all down to the BBC people? Either way your pictures are absolutely stunning and I’ll be really suprised if at least one of them doesn’t get a feature 🙂

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